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Ovente 1.7 LT ProntoFill Lid Glass Electric Kettle - SS

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Ovente - KG612S
1.7 LT ProntoFill Lid Glass Electric Kettle - SS
With this kettle, Ovente aims to make the water boiling much easier, safer, and more convenient. Its innovative ProntoFill lid allows you to fill, boil, and enjoy...all with the lid on! No more fear of burns due to lack of safety features, no more long waiting times. This product can deliver enough hot water for you and your family within minutes. Plus, it is made to be compatible with our teapot to further maximize its functionality so you have countless ways to utilize it. The process of boiling water, which is almost a daily routine, doesn't have to be boring and dull. That is why this kettle is packed with elegant features such as a durable casing and eye-pleasing lights, making it a perfect gift for any occasion. The Ovente Glass Electric Kettle is made to match any kitchen countertop, table, and shelf so rest assured that it won't make any part of your home look out of style. Most importantly, this electric kettle is cost-efficient and economical. It will perform excellently to prove that it is worth its price because, At Ovente, we took an oath to match the value you paid with high-quality products. We also want to provide long-lasting kitchen equipment that you would surely love to keep and use repeatedly.